Fwd: Top 15 Mailinglists with messages in moderation

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 04:15:19 UTC 2016

On Sat, Dec 3, 2016 at 4:43 AM, Martin Gräßlin <mgraesslin at kde.org> wrote:
> Am 2016-12-03 12:47, schrieb Myriam Schweingruber:
>> Hi Martin,
>> On Sat, Dec 3, 2016 at 11:59 AM, Martin Gräßlin <mgraesslin at kde.org>
>> wrote:
>>> Am 2016-12-02 19:26, schrieb Ben Cooksley:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> It's that time of month again.
>>>> If you're the moderator for one of the below lists, please
>>>> moderate it's queue.
>>>> 20 kwin
>>> It's all spam and I'm not logging in to delete spam. I go into the
>>> list if there is a real mail which needs to be moderated. Then I
>>> drop the spam.
>>> It would be nice if we could get the spam mails not in the
>>> moderation queue in the first place. Would mean much less work for
>>> the moderators.
>> Well, deleting spam is also list moderator work in my book, so if you
>> need help on that one, just ask. As said before, I can help since I do
>> this anyway on several lists. I doubt there is a way to drop spam
>> automatically and only keep legit mails in moderation queue with
>> mailman.
> The problem is not moderating the list. The problem is that I get a stupid
> useless mail every day I have to look at about pending moderations and a
> stupid mail I have to human look at when a spam mail gets in.

The mod queue emails can pretty easily be skipped from inbox to a
folder, and then autodeleted in a day or so. IF you run listadmin
daily anyway.

> Note here: I get too many mails overall and the moderation queue mails are
> annoying as it's in 99.9 % useless junk which I have to manually look at.

I never look at them, since I run listadmin at least daily.

> Thanks for offering to help moderating the list, but that doesn't get my
> inbox cleaner. And that's what I care about. I don't care about how many
> spam mails are in the moderation queue, I care about the useless mail I get
> which I have to look at.
> Given that I think a mail which is marked by spamassassin as spam and shown
> as spam in the moderation queue, should not be going into the moderation
> queue in the first place. If someone sends a mail to the kwin list which
> looks like spam to spamassassin it won't be something useful from
> development perspective.
> Cheers
> Martin

Really, you do not have to look at them. If there is a terrible spam
attack, your hand might get tired hitting return 100 times in
listadmin, but otherwise, it takes a minute or two per day, depending
on how many lists you administer.

I just ran a listadmin session, doing date -u before and after, for 85
lists on four servers (Linuxchix.org, Rootsweb.com, Ubunbu.com and
KDE.org). it took 02:03 for an uncomplicated run. It will take longer
if there is lots to deal with, or one of the servers is slow.

And if there are multiple people taking out the spam, it takes less
time per run.



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