Calligra stable releases not in Debian stable Jessi

Jaroslaw Staniek staniek at
Fri Sep 30 09:31:27 UTC 2016

Dear Debian contributors,
I am maintainer of Kexi, one of Calligra apps.
I've just noticed that in Debian stable Jessi the recent Calligra is 2.8.5
which is 13 releases old. There are no updates to 2.8.7, and zero updates
to 2.9.*.

2.8.5 is a July 2014 version. Due to security and stability issues it may
be even better *not* to have this version released at all than receiving
reports and users thinking that's the most recent version (this is my own

When users run, say, a Raspberry, they see that old and unsupported (by us)
version. So here Jessi distributes this unstable software despite many
updates being available. I don't see the same issue with MySQL for example,
which was updated just this month. Maybe a man power issue?

I have questions then:
- what happens?
- what can be done to fix the situation?
- how to coordinate better?

Best regards.

Jaroslaw Staniek

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