Call for attendees - LaKademy 2017

Aracele Torres aracele at
Fri Sep 30 00:55:02 UTC 2016

Hello dear KDE Latin American contributors,

As most of you may know, LaKademy is an event held annually since 2012. It
brings together Latin American contributors of the KDE community and allows
these people work on their projects, exchange ideas about the community and
think of ways of how to bring new contributors to our community.

It is not an event with talks or short courses, it's more like a "hands on"
event, with hacking sessions and other meetings to discuss and work on
specific issues of our community.

The next edition of LaKademy in 2017 will be held in the Brazilian city of
Belo Horizonte, and we would like to invite all KDE Latin American
contributors to join us in this great event.

As part of organization process, we first need to know who is
interested in attending
the event, so we can draw up our budget. For that, we created a form that
you can access and fill in your data:

This form will be available until beginning of November. If you are
interested in going, please complete it as soon as possible, so that we can
evaluate the costs of organizing the event. Just remember that if you can
not pay for your tickets and accommodations, KDE e.V. may sponsor you if
the cost is not very high, that also depends on how active you are in KDE

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