[kde-community] Results from the Mission Survey

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 23:06:38 UTC 2016

On Tue, Sep 27, 2016 at 2:06 AM, Alexander Neundorf <neundorf at kde.org> wrote:
> On Wednesday 21 September 2016 21:53:46 Thomas Pfeiffer wrote:
>> On 12.09.2016 18:18, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> >
>> > On Thursday 01 September 2016 16:54:32 Lydia Pintscher wrote:
>> >> On Thu, Sep 1, 2016 at 12:14 AM, Ingo Klöcker <kloecker at kde.org> wrote:
>> >>> I don't think so. On
>> >>> https://akademy.kde.org/
>> >>> there's no BoF registered for working on the mission.
>> >>
>> >> Thomas and I just added one on Tuesday at 4pm.
>> >
>> > how did it go ?
>> > Are there notes or something somewhere ?
>> Hi Alex,
>> there are no notes of the BoF, but all the tangible results of it are
>> reflected in the updated Mission draft [1].
>> However, near the end of the BoF, concerns were brought up regarding whether
>> a Mission for KDE should say anything about our products, or whether our
>> products should only be defined by their individual product visions and a
>> KDE Mission should only encompass how we organize and collaborate.
> just a short remark: I think trying to give a general direction on what we do
> is necessary, and according to the results of the surveys this is also wanted.
> We now already have two "documents" where we do not talk about what we create
> (the manifesto and the vision), so let's try to put down in a mission what we
> are trying to create.
> Alex

We seemed to be reaching consensus on the updated draft, but at the
end of the hour some severe doubts were voiced. The product teams have
some visions, and the doubt seemed to be that those visions and
mission statements were going to be over-ridden.

So in my opinion, we need to gather those vision and mission
statements, and see what the common elements are.

The feeling in the room was (I think) between shock on one side, and a
feeling that "my thoughts have finally been given a voice."

The teams who are actually building our software need to be heard, I
think, before we start again on a more over-arching Mission. I remain
hopeful that we can agree on some basics, while not disregarding
important voices in our community.


PS: Links to teams' own vision and mission statements are welcome;
perhaps at the bottom of the Mission draft? [1]

[1] https://community.kde.org/KDE/Mission


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