list of FLA signees published - need scripting help for next step

Lydia Pintscher lydia at
Wed Sep 7 07:00:36 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

(If you don't know what the FLA is follow the link below for explanation.)

Thanks to Ingo we now have a list of contributors who signed the FLA
with KDE e.V. and who agreed to have their name published. You can
find it on the FLA page at A few are
still missing who signed it over the last days. We will add them soon.
As a next step we need to figure out which part of our codebase is
actually well-covered and which is not. Is there anyone who can hack
up a script to give us a list of contributors who would significantly
increase our coverage of important repositories by signing the FLA?


Lydia Pintscher -
KDE e.V. Board of Directors / KDE Community Working Group -

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