[kde-community] KDE Sysadmin and GPG Encryption

Jeff Mitchell mitchell at kde.org
Thu Jul 28 17:13:26 UTC 2016

On 7/27/2016 6:01 AM, Thomas Pfeiffer wrote:
> On 27.07.2016 00:17, Jeff Mitchell wrote:
>> I would avoid reading much, if anything at all, into what Boudhayan
>> wrote, both from the perspective of the sysadmin team and even
>> Boudhayan himself.
>> --Jeff
> I don't see any "reading into" in any of the replies so far. People have
> just reacted to things that Boudhayan wrote very explicitly in his email.
> Pretty bad things could be "read into" that email easily, if one wanted
> to. I'm glad nobody did that, we've had enough drama on this list in
> recent months.
> I don't see why we should avoid reacting to what was explicitly said,
> though, and that's what people did.

The email wasn't GPG-signed, so you can't trust or believe anything that 
was in it.


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