[kde-community] possible foss alternative to telegram/slack

Thomas Pfeiffer thomas.pfeiffer at kde.org
Tue May 17 19:18:37 BST 2016

On Dienstag, 17. Mai 2016 11:05:56 CEST Ken Vermette wrote:
> I'm interested too, if for no other reason than self-hosting an instance
> means we aren't tied to the fate of a 3rd-party. Several people who were
> not on board with issues on the Telegram openness would probably be willing
> to use this as well.
> One thing I'd like to mention is that we should firmly cement whatever we
> choose, I don't think we've been using Telegram for a year and already
> we're looking at changing again. People trying to follow our channels might
> become frustrated if we switch messenger tools a third time, whatever we
> decide I think we need to be willing to say we'll stick with it for at
> least a couple years, even if we find it has faults.

Good point! I think we should use it internally extensively before switching 
any public communication over to it.

In that regard, I'm for getting us an installation as soon as possible so we 
could try out or well it works for us.
If it still proves to work well after the "oooooh, shiny new toy!" emotion 
wears off, we could make it official.

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