[kde-community] Telegram Relay Service

Teo Mrnjavac teo at kde.org
Fri May 6 14:18:17 BST 2016

On venerdì 6 maggio 2016 17:58:46 CEST Boudhayan Gupta wrote:
> Hi all,
> KDE Sysadmin is excited to announce the availability of a Telegram <->
> IRC relay service. We now have the capability to sync messages both
> ways between an IRC channel and a Telegram group.
> Currently, this service is being used by #kde-soc and #kdevelop. If
> there are any KDE IRC channel that has an equivalent group on Telegram
> and would like to sync messages between the two, please file a
> Sysadmin Ticket on Phabricator with the name of the IRC channel and
> the name of the Telegram group, and we'll set up the sync service for
> your channel.

This is awesome. When I think of best things in KDE, this is exactly what I 
mean: brilliant technical solutions even to social issues. Instead of 
complaining and bikeshedding about Telegram, or GitHub or whatever, we're much 
better off when we hack our way to a solution and aim for inclusivity rather 
than enforcement.

A huge thumbs up, kudos and thanks to KDE Sysadmin for making this happen.

Teo Mrnjavac
http://teom.org | teo at kde.org

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