[kde-community] KDE Mission - let's do this!

Thomas Pfeiffer thomas.pfeiffer at kde.org
Thu Apr 28 11:21:28 BST 2016

Hi everyone,
as we've found during the vision creation process that having a concrete draft 
to work from can streamline the discussion, I tried to come up with one.
It goes quite into detail, but I think this is necessary in order to be useful 
as practical guidance.

To fulfill our vision, KDE has taken on the mission to create products which 
 - give users control, freedom and privacy
 - convince them - through excellent user experience - to switch away from 
products which don't give them that
 - reach them where they are

To provide control, freedom and privacy, KDE's products
- allow users to "tinker" with them
- apply open standards to prevent "lock-in"
- integrate well with existing online services sharing the same values, or 
create their own where those do not exist
- never collect or transmit information about users without their explicit 
consent ("opt-in")
- strive to provide usable security and privacy features to protect against 
surveillance and data theft

To create a convincing user experience, KDE's products aim to
- have consistent, easy to use human interfaces
- provide users with _at least_ the features and quality they expect coming 
from non-free products
- be at the forefront of emerging trends like mobile/desktop convergence
- integrate well with other Free products to complete the experience

To reach users where they are, KDE 
- strives to make our products available on major Free but also proprietary 
operating systems and platforms, mostly by applying Qt as a technology that 
allows easy portability
- aims for a presence on all relevant device classes (desktop, mobile, 
- continues to offer a "classic desktop" product which makes the switch from 
proprietary operating easy
- offers products that also inter-operate with proprietary software, formats 
and services in order to ease the transition to Free alternatives

Now we have concrete points we can discuss and fine-tune.
Looking forward to your reactions,

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