[kde-community] user stats for Neon

Albert Vaca albertvaka at gmail.com
Sat Apr 16 00:46:45 BST 2016

What's the problem with pinging the Neon servers? Any system already does
way more than that when checking for updates, not to mention when you
connect to a website, or even IRC.

How can this ping be violating any privacy if we don't even need to store
the IP, just a unique ID? We can even generate the ID ourselves so it can't
be matched with other sources. I don't see how this can have any impact to
privacy nor any other use than counting people using Neon.

I don't understand this extremism and I'm sad to see it in our community,
specially when other free projects like Firefox have been collecting way
more complex analytics (opt-out) for a while with a positive impact for

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