[kde-community] Distribution outreach program: Where do we go from here?

Thomas Pfeiffer thomas.pfeiffer at kde.org
Sat Feb 13 21:57:18 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,
now with neon having been announced, and some members of some distributions 
fearing that their distribution might become a "second-class citizen" for KDE 
software due to the less direct communication with KDE, I think that it's more 
important than ever to publicly reach out to all distros shipping our 

This thread has seen some skepticism about some parts of my original idea, but 
mostly great suggestions for how to proceed.

I've tried to analyze the brainstorming results and identify what most people 
contributing to the discussion seemed to agree on. 
Here is how I'd suggest to proceed:

- Form a team to organize the Distribution Outreach Program and act as point 
of contact for the distributions

- Define what would be the main communication channel (should we just use 
kde-distro-packagers or do we need a new mailing list, forum or whatever?)

- Publicly announce (on all channels where we might reach distributions) the 
program, including how to reach us

- Collect from our maintainers what a distribution should to provide in order 
to make their software work best on it (where do we reach everyone?) and 
publish that (ideally on our wiki once that is editable again)

This is all I'd do for now. I'd suggest to first see how much simply increasing 
communication and publishing our requirements will take us. We can decide 
whether we want/need badges or scripted testing later.

Does that make sense to you guys?
And most importantly: Who'd be up for joining the program team?


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