[kde-community] Differences between proposed vision drafts (or "inclusive" vs "focused")

Martin Graesslin mgraesslin at kde.org
Thu Feb 4 06:53:06 UTC 2016

On Wednesday, February 3, 2016 11:44:35 PM CET Alexander Dymo wrote:
> I reread both drafts and realized that people who have not
> participated in the development of these proposals might miss the
> important difference between them.
> The Lydia & Co see KDE providing users free software to manage any
> aspect of their digital life: GUI environments, applications (GUI and
> not), knowledge management systems, etc.
> The AlexN. & Co see KDE providing users free GUI environments and
> applications that work on any computing device: desktop, laptop,
> tablet, smartphone, or any other device present and future.

may I ask where the focused group sees the future in a world beyond GUI, I'm 
thinking of areas like:
* speech recognition (e.g. KDE Lera)
* IoT
* Sensors (think of the old joke of "Focus Follows Mind", but we're almost 

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