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Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Wed Feb 3 20:52:56 UTC 2016

All of your points were taken care of to a greater or lesser degree.  If it
didn't feel like it was all covered it's because I got no help in preparing
it.  Planning needs to start in November and last minute requests for demos
but without machines to show it on are no use.


On 3 February 2016 at 19:04, Adriaan de Groot <groot at kde.org> wrote:

> On Wednesday 03 February 2016 12:58:58 Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> > We had a good presence at FOSDEM this year.  Here's some notes while I
> > remember.
> >
> > Stall:
> > One 1 short table this year.  We had a nice setup with ODROID board +
> > monitor (alas it wasn't a monitor which could tilt) to demo low cost
> > computers can run Plasma.  We had my laptop for KDE neon and a Nexus 5
> in a
> > stand for Plasma Phone.  a4 display stands had colour sheets describing
> the
> > three projects.  Me and David brought the kit on the train (which is
> faffy
> > but much easier than taking kit on a plane) with Rohan bringing his
> Thing to remember for next year:
>  - extra power bar (3 outlets, maybe 5)
>  - a good charger for the phone (charging from the laptop wasn't enough to
> keep it on all the time)
> > I bought two large display banners for KDE and KDE neon which I've taken
> > back to my house, I need to reply to e.V. treasurer about getting those
> > paid for.  I also bought stickers for KDE (name badges and to give away)
> > and KDE neon and have taken the spares back home.  I also bought the
> money
> > box, a4 display stands, pens, tape and brought power extensions.
> The name stickers were really nice (flying Konqui) and well received. It
> made
> up for out lack of uniformity at the stand (like many of the other stands
> had
> all their peeps in the same shirt).
> > We had t-shirts which Jose brought along from those left over from
> Akademy
> > as well as a money box and leaflets.
> The Frameworks leaflets were really useful to hand out as a means of
> explaining
> "these are libraries that everyone can use in their Qt applications".
> The T-shirts were a bit of a mixed bag. Some sizes were quite
> underrepresented. The very nice KDE India T-shirts could have sold more --
> which you point in the sales lists.
> > Saturday sales:
> ...
> > We took over 300euro on the Saturday which Jose took home.
> > Sunday we ended up with over 320euro which Jose also took along with the
> > sales figures.
> >
> > Jose can you post the sales figures here and confirm the amount you're
> > transferring to e.v.?
> Don't forget the floats added to the cash box. You may consider mine my
> cash
> contribution to KDE e.V. for this year.
> > Saturday party:
> > I booked the first floor of La Paon again in Grand Place.  No sponsors
> this
> > year so I took 20euro off everyone who attended.  My guess of 200euro
> worth
> > of finger food seemed to work very well.
> It was a bit short of chunchy greasy bits, though. I would have liked
> something warm (or maybe I wasn't paying attention and it all got gobbled
> up).
> From a social perspective, perhaps an introduction could have been held. I
> *think* I knew everybody there, but would have liked a moment to
> double-check.
> > We had 22 people pay for food,
> > less than last year I think which is to be expected since it was charged
> > for.  After food was served I used the extra money to buy an additional
> > couple of beers for everyone.
> The best and fastest way to get served was to hand the waiter a 20 and say
> "beer". That meant no change, no fuss, no muss. And five decent beers.
> > We had three talks in the Desktop room (more than any other project I
> > think) which were well received, KDE neon, WikiToLearn and CMakeDaemon.
> >
> > A telegram group was useful to keep in contact with people throughout the
> > weekend.
> Yes, the group was very useful. Also note:
>  - there are *two* locations in Brussels with an Ibis Hotel next to a
> Novotel
>  - Grand Place is very large. A better meeting spot is "in front of Le Roy
> on
> Grand Place"
>  - get a hotel around La Brouckere, it's very convenient for evenings and
> for
> gettting to the venue.
> Some things I personally think would improve the stand:
>  - double- and triple-check who is going to be at the stand. I know this is
> hard at FOSDEM. I tried to be there a bit, and felt confusedly guilty about
> also running off to talks or to hang out with Paul.
>  - if you're *not* at the stand, it might be better to congregate
> elsewhere.
> We often had a knot of KDE-branded (e.g. name-sticker) people in the
> corner --
> me included -- who weren't accessible because of in-crowd chatting. That
> looks
> a little unfriendly.
>  - Remember to arrange floats (change for in the money box) ahead of time.
>  - Make a pot of money at the beginning of the day. Appoint one person
> runner
> to get water/coffee/sandwiches.
>  - I should have asked for a "what's the spiel" explanation at the
> beginning
> of the weekend. It took a while before I heard -- from Rohan, Dave and Jon
> --
> what that phone-thingy was and how to explain the Odroid. Also for
> old-timers
> like me, a reminder of terminology. Like: "Here we have Plasma Desktop
> running
> on low-powered (not cheap!) hardware. Here we have Plasma Desktop plus a
> bunch
> of KDE Applications running on a laptop. Here is Plasma Mobile on a Nexus
> 5."
> General thanks:
>  - general (3-star) thanks to Jon for overall handling this year's FOSDEM
> presence
>  - major thanks to Rohan and Dave, who seemed to be there all the time and
> always smiling.
> Funny bits:
>  - GNOME ran their demo machine off of my laptop's power cord all weekend.
>  - Dave knows that I have Dave-commanding glasses that I can glare through.
> [ade]
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