[kde-community] Should we allow non-KDE projects to participate in GSoC under KDE?

Martin Klapetek martin.klapetek at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 19:58:54 UTC 2016


so in the couple previous years we have collectively and
repeatedly rejected the idea of other projects, that are not
KDE projects by the Manifesto, to participate in KDE GSoC.
Namely we rejected Tupi and SubSurface solely because
"not a KDE project", GCompris became a KDE project and
then we let it participate.

Last year we got a non-KDE project in our GSoC despite the
previous years decisions, nobody really noticed and then there
was a huge discussion if that's ok or not, but by that time it was
a bit late.

So I'd like to have this cleared - does the community agree to
have non-KDE projects, those that do not follow the Manifesto,
participate in our GSoC this year and in the following years?

Imho this goes against the Manifesto as the projects gets to
"enjoy the benefits" without the complying with "commitments"
of the Manifesto. It's also less transparent overall (not able to
monitor progress as it's not on KDE infrastructure), can lead
to cheating and possibly kicking KDE out of GSoC in the worst
possible outcome.

On the other hand, every accepted project gets the mentoring
organization some extra money, which is always handy.

Martin Klapetek | KDE Developer
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