[kde-community] FiWG 15/01/2016 meeting minutes

Rohan Garg rohan at kde.org
Fri Jan 15 17:40:02 UTC 2016

Hi everyone
The FiWG group met today to discuss our financial reports from 2014
and 2015 and discuss a preliminary budget for 2016. These are the
meeting minutes of the call :

* Data from our current reports does not give us a good overview of
our accounting in order to budget for next year. Mirko suggested we
get reports in the BWA (Betriebswirtschaftliche Auswertung) format
that gives us a better idea of our cost centers ( Sprints, Akademy,
etc ).

* Marta will acquire these reports from the accountant over the course
of the next week and we'll have another call to figure out the budget
once we have a better understanding of our accounting from the last 2

* Once a ED is hired, the FiWG should do a quarterly meeting to review
the impact on our budget in order to ensure it is balanced in the long

Rohan Garg

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