[kde-community] Cervisia?

Martin Koller kollix at aon.at
Sat Sep 26 21:55:59 UTC 2015

On Monday 14 September 2015 13:59:20 Jeremy Whiting wrote:
> Well, it was released as part of Applications 15.08.0 (and will be in
> the rest of the .x releases) I'm fine either way, but it seems like
> continuing to release something that hasn't been looked at in quite
> some time. I think to continue to release it we would need to have:
> 1) A port to Qt5/KF5 which could be difficult with Qt3Support stuff in
> it, tricky but doable.
> 2) A maintainer.
> Anyone want to try taking on one or both of those?

As I still use cervisia daily, I can't let it go to /dev/null ...
I started to port away from Q3 classes, so the next step to port to KF5 is easier.
No promises though, since my day job is demanding

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