[kde-community] More KDE contributors

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at kde.org
Tue Sep 22 05:51:27 UTC 2015

Hello beautiful KDE people.

Some number of threads ago, Eike suggested an interesting idea.

> Developer recruitment should be our #1 problem for the
> next two years

I feel like the discussions about phabricator, github, gitlab, whatever other 
infrastructure we use to develop our code are a bit of a technical solution to 
a social problem. Maybe part of the solution is indeed a technical one, but 
I'm keen to hear what social solutions we might have to get more hackers into 

I myself have faded from KDE development in recent times for various reasons 
that I'd be happy to chat about in IRC, though one is likely that weird effect 
of getting sucked into the bay area's reality distortion field combined with 
general burnout of working on things.

What might be some ideas to rally us burnt-out gearheads around the hearth? 
Can we have another Camp KDE with a week of hacking? :)
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