[kde-community] What is a GitHub pull request exactly?

Bhushan Shah bhush94 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 13:09:02 UTC 2015

On Sun, Sep 20, 2015 at 6:33 PM, Riccardo Iaconelli <riccardo at kde.org> wrote:
> exactly, as soon as we could.
> But not all tools simply are technical alternatives. Can we replace Facebook?
> Sure, we could join Diaspora. But we would be missing out on the community
> already present on Facebook. Reasons for being on github are not technical,
> they are promotional.

We don't need to replace Facebook.. tada.

Facebook is not part of our development nor anything.. So lets not
compare with facebook.. When we talk about github and do our reviews
there. It will be recorded there and if github goes down we will loose
our data. Also in case we need to relicense stuff it would be
impossible to track down contributor from github.

Bhushan Shah

IRC Nick : bshah on Freenode

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