[kde-community] What is a GitHub pull request exactly?

Eike Hein hein at kde.org
Sat Sep 19 18:20:56 UTC 2015

On 09/19/2015 08:13 PM, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> I am afraid my understanding of the technical background of this is still too 
> hazy.
> How would review "move" from KDE to github?
> If review on reviewboard is required (per project's unwritten social 
> contract), it cannot not happen.
> If it is not required, better have a patch reviewed elsewhere than not at all.

His argument is that because KDE developer accounts can
write to repositories directly (which we have discussed
many times we don't want to change), lazyness will win
and patches will go into repositories directly after
GitHub review.

Personally I agree that is the likely scenario. Two-stage
review is simply too much work and hassle, and I doubt
it's desirable to anyone who actually wants to use

I think that - just like "let's pretend we can make
GitHub opt-in per-project" - "GitHub would be a step
in the pipeline before Phrabricator" is a discussion
thread that should be abandoned. It's not viable and
not realistic.

It's not about how we can make GitHub a less bitter
pill, it's about whether we want GitHub or not.


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