[kde-community] Bikeshedding - our strength apparently *sigh*

Kevin Krammer krammer at kde.org
Sat Sep 19 17:52:24 UTC 2015

On Saturday, 2015-09-19, 18:46:24, Martin Graesslin wrote:
> On Saturday, September 19, 2015 6:38:26 PM CEST Kevin Krammer wrote:
> > On Saturday, 2015-09-19, 17:53:17, Martin Graesslin wrote:

> > > My fear here is that if we allow pull request, people will also start to
> > > use them for code review at which point we have split the development
> > > team in those doing code review through reviewboard and those through
> > > github.
> > 
> > You mean that if a project currently doesn't to reviews, it would start
> > doing so due to accepting github contributions and then doing those on
> > github instead of the KDE tool?
> > 
> > Hmm, haven't though of that.
> > 
> > But wouldn't that, from the point of view of anyone else (existing
> > contributors, other KDE contributors) just be like the status before? I.e.
> > no code review?
> > Just that the patches that get pushed are potentially of higher quality
> > because they had actually been reviewed?
> No, I'm afraid of code review slowly moving from KDE to github up to the
> final point where I need to get a github account because otherwise I cannot
> contribute code.

You mean that a KDE project would ignore your review request it it comes from 

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