[kde-community] Have repo maintainers opt-in for github mirroring (was: Re: Official KDE mirror on github)

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Fri Sep 18 20:10:57 UTC 2015


Am Freitag, 18. September 2015, 17:12:12 schrieb Boudhayan Gupta:
> Ladies and gentlemen, as you read this mail github.com/kde is being
> populated by the initial sync of all repositories.

Pardon for the late input, missed the dynamic of the people behind this idea 
(and actually expected it would be shot down, at least to me it seems not a 
good idea to add value to a proprietary platform by also adding our source 
code there).

Can we please only mirror those projects whose maintainers are okay with the 
added workload due to another public interface which allows interaction from 
3rd-party? Too many people will not get that this is only a mirror, even if 
you put it in bold there. Or worse, not accept it is a mirror, because their 
time is more valueable than the time of the maintainers of course.

I have no time (and actually also no interest) to care for people poking via 
github (incl. the time needed to redirect them to the real official KDE 
infrastructure and any bad vibrations because having to argue why I/we do not 
support github really). Other people might have that time and interest, so 
their decision.
But I don't. I joined KDE for some reason and am doing my FLOSS software 
development here, because of certain values.
Same would be true for sourceforge.net, gitlab.com, code.google.com (okay, 
dead) or whereever else some people think we should mirror because it's where 
"the people" are currently.

So as maintainer I would like to have at least the repos of Okteta, 
libkoralle, cagibi removed from the official KDE github page.


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