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Jeremy Whiting jpwhiting at kde.org
Wed Aug 26 13:16:34 UTC 2015

Yep, I discussed a bit with stikonas on irc yesterday, I won't move it
somewhere without his input for sure.

On Wed, Aug 26, 2015 at 6:47 AM, Luigi Toscano <luigi.toscano at tiscali.it> wrote:
> Jeremy Whiting ha scritto:
>> Hello all,
>> tldr, should we kill kdetoys?
>> As Applications 15.08 has been released I thought I'd take a look at
>> which of our applications still need to be ported to Qt5/kf5. I did a
>> diff of what we released in the 15.08 release vs what is already kf5
>> based and got this result: https://paste.kde.org/prbvha5kh#line-13 <--
>> paste should stay for a year. Items with + are not Qt5/kf5 based yet
>> or weren't in the 15.08 release. Christoph Feck has a more detailed
>> list that includes Extragear, but isn't organized by KDE Module here:
>> http://developer.kde.org/~cfeck/portingstatus.html .
> Historical note: when kdetoys programs were migrated from SVN to GIT and split
> (two years ago), the second part of the plan was to kill the module, move amor
> to kdegames, ktux to kdeartwork and kteatime in kdeutils.
>> I took a quick stab at porting amor to Qt5/kf5 and it shouldn't be too
>> hard, but the question is should it be ported at all? The previous
>> maintainer hasn't touched it in quite some time. The code is X11
>> specific, and the whole concept won't work on Wayland anyway because
>> windows don't know about each other and can't position themselves.
> No real opinion.
>> KTux has been ported to Qt5/kf5 but I don't see any way in plasma 5 to
>> make it the screensaver. We only support images in the lock screen and
>> kwin will only support the greeter used in
>> plasma-workspace/ksmserver/screenlocker so if you run it it shows a
>> nice window of tux flying around, but I don't think that's useful in
>> today's screensaver less world somehow.
> That's not true, we support animated wallpapers as screenlockers and we should
> provide more documentation on how to create them. When I pinged Andrius
> Štikonas, who did the port, he said that he could try to see if ktux can be
> changed into an animated wallpaper (with no guarantees due to other duties).
> He just finished the port, give him some time... or at least please ask him.
>> KTeatime may still be useful, but if we are cleaning out kdetoys,
>> maybe it should be moved to kdeutils so it isn't the lone application
>> in a module?
> kdeutils is the natural choice (see above).
>> I'll ask sysadmin to make the above moves unless anyone objects within
>> a couple of weeks. I would put ktux and amor into unmaintained (or
>> playground? not sure which is more suitable) and stop releasing them
>> in 15.12 and move kteatime to kdeutils.
> Just please check about ktux first.
> Ciao
> --
> Luigi
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