[kde-community] Renaming KScreenGenie

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at tiscali.it
Mon Aug 24 13:13:13 UTC 2015

Boudhayan Gupta ha scritto:
> Hi,
> Now that KDE Applications 15.08 is out, it's time to move KScreenGenie
> into KDE Graphics and retire KSnapshot.
> The plan was to simply rename KScreenGenie to KSnapshot; however,
> after discussions on IRC people have suggested that given the fairly
> big change (it *is* a completely new codebase, after all), a change of
> name wouldn't be such a bad idea. Also, retiring an existing
> application and renaming a new application to said old application
> would be a nightmare for the sysadmins, as too many changes would need
> to be made, and that for packages on download.kde.org, the package
> name -> repository mapping would be broken.
> A fairly universal sentiment is that no one seems to like KScreenGenie
> as a name (including yours truly).
> So I'll leave this up to the community. I'm currently considering
> naming it Safelight, with other names I've considered being (in order
> of preference) Selfie (a screenshot is literally a computer taking a
> selfie), Iris, Kapture, KScreenshot and Snap.

Did you check if any of those is already used (I didn't, but some generic like
Snap could be suspect).

> If anyone wants to upvote any of these choices, please reply to this
> thread. People are welcome to suggest new names too, but too many
> people suggesting new names will quickly degrade to "bikeshedding", as
> they say. Use your judgement.

Not sure if it help or if it can help, but you can also create a poll on


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