[kde-community] Renaming KScreenGenie

Boudhayan Gupta bgupta at kde.org
Mon Aug 24 12:46:41 UTC 2015


Now that KDE Applications 15.08 is out, it's time to move KScreenGenie
into KDE Graphics and retire KSnapshot.

The plan was to simply rename KScreenGenie to KSnapshot; however,
after discussions on IRC people have suggested that given the fairly
big change (it *is* a completely new codebase, after all), a change of
name wouldn't be such a bad idea. Also, retiring an existing
application and renaming a new application to said old application
would be a nightmare for the sysadmins, as too many changes would need
to be made, and that for packages on download.kde.org, the package
name -> repository mapping would be broken.

A fairly universal sentiment is that no one seems to like KScreenGenie
as a name (including yours truly).

So I'll leave this up to the community. I'm currently considering
naming it Safelight, with other names I've considered being (in order
of preference) Selfie (a screenshot is literally a computer taking a
selfie), Iris, Kapture, KScreenshot and Snap.

If anyone wants to upvote any of these choices, please reply to this
thread. People are welcome to suggest new names too, but too many
people suggesting new names will quickly degrade to "bikeshedding", as
they say. Use your judgement.

I won't be doing any renaming this week or even next week (a bugfix
release of KScreenGenie needs to be made), so there's no immediate

Boudhayan Gupta

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