[kde-community] Updating TechBase Getting_Started pages

John Layt jlayt at kde.org
Mon Aug 17 18:20:49 UTC 2015

On 17 August 2015 at 10:56, Alex Merry <alex.merry at kde.org> wrote:
> At some point we will need to address this "extra info" as well - there's no
> point leaving a jumbled mess around.

Yes, there lots of more advanced scenarios that we need to provide
docs for. There's also a serious need for people to review all of
TechBase for KF5 and Git, for example the Application Lifecycle page
still refers to SVN! If anyone has time to spare, jump in.

I'm wondering though if we shouldn't try organise a week where
*everyone* stops coding and writes or cleans-up some docs instead?

> I think we want a brief "next steps" at the end of the build instructions -
> "hey, you did the thing, look here for what to do next". The obvious next
> step is to submit a patch (either claiming a junior job on b.k.o, say, or
> some pet issue the person already wants to solve).

Yeap, linking to Contribute is appropriate here. Most of the stuff is
still very draft, but it has had all the unnecessary guff chainsawed
out, so now I'm shuffling things around trying to get the right flow
before fleshing out the details.


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