[kde-community] Updating TechBase Getting_Started pages

Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at kde.org
Mon Aug 17 15:47:33 UTC 2015

On Monday, August 17, 2015 09:53:58 John Layt wrote:
> I've started to update the old TechBase Getting_Started pages for the
> new KF5 world [1].
> My aim is to teach the one simplest quickest way to build KF5 for new
> KDE contributors. There's a few key concepts I want this rewrite to
> follow:
> 1) There is only one way to do things, no giving alternatives
> 2) There is only KF5, no KDE4
> 3) There is only kdesrc-build, no manual messing around
> The three build scenarios (= new dev personas) that will be presented will
> be: 1) Build an app only using packaged Qt and KF5
> 2) Build Plasma only using packaged Qt and KF5
> 3) Build Frameworks using packaged Qt
> All the more detailed or historic information will be removed to other
> parts of TechBase [2]. New build instructions for external devs just
> wanting to use a Framework or two should also go here and not
> Getting_Started.
> This may result in some default build configs needing to be added to
> the kdesrc-build repo to make life easier. There may also need to be a
> couple of simple scripts to set-up kdesrc-build to start with, and to
> actually run things seeing as kdesrc-build doesn't. The less the new
> dev has to worry about the better.
> Thoughts? Is anyone else working on something similar?

Yes. I'm giving the Plasma Mobile docs some love, but have discovered that 
also most of the other Plasma documentation for new developers is pretty 
disjoint and lacking. It certainly doesn't guide someone new well to becoming 
a productive contributor. 

I much welcome your initiative and want to pitch in.

One of the pages I've written last week may serve as an example of what I 
have in mind for this kind of pages, it's directed at designers how want to 
contribute. It gives an overview of principles we use, tools, workflows and 
communication channels.


The following doc takes the point of view of a new developer or designer who 
would like to contribute, it has high-level starting points:


I think this documentation should probably not be specific to Plasma Mobile 
but generally should refer to Plasma or even more generic resources -- 
without losing level-of-detail. I think giving users a too generic guide can 
be off-putting for some.

Thanks for getting this ball rolling.

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