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Jaroslaw Staniek staniek at kde.org
Mon Aug 17 12:29:39 UTC 2015

For the needs of Bountysource I am allowing pull requests and GitHub
issues. Works well. (we I ser no equivalents of that within kde, btw, I
mean easy pay-for-fix and fundraising)
If someone pays or sends a fix, it can be via a pigeon or smoke signs,
whatever works. :)
That said, I make it clear that development is not happening on GitHub.

I am open to switch to repos collected within a 'KDE project' officially.
Especially if GitHub promotes us as on of the largest collection of
projects... why not.

On Monday, 17 August 2015, Martin Graesslin <mgraesslin at kde.org> wrote:
> Hi community,
> over the last months I observed the following:
> * people not finding our git repositories
> * people being surprised that our code is not on github
> * some projects starting to use github in addition to our own
> Whether we like it or not, github has become a place to look for free
> nowadays and if you are not on github your software just doesn't exist.
> that we can say KDE doesn't produce source code because we are not on
> Other projects have an official mirror (see e.g. [1]) which solves the
> points I have listed above.
> I suggest that we:
> * introduce an official mirror for all KDE repositories on github
> * replace all existing (non-official) clones
> * disallow pull-requests on github to not replace our development model
by a
> proprietary platform.
> Comments?
> Cheers
> Martin
> [1] https://github.com/GNOME

regards, Jaroslaw Staniek

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