[kde-community] Program to show presenter time remaining countdown for Akademy talks

Sune Vuorela sune at vuorela.dk
Fri Jun 26 16:56:58 UTC 2015

On Friday 26 June 2015 09:18:01 Peter Bouda wrote:
> On the other end of the simple<->complex scale I suggest to create an
> Embedded Linux system that boots a QML count down app. I did a similar
> project recently, with touchscreen and WIFI, so it would be a matter of
> writing the QML code. I have a little free time, if that is the way you
> want to go.

So. Whattabout meeting up in #kde-devel this sunday (28th, 10.30am CEST) and 
see what kind of fancy QML / Qt monstrosity we can come up with during the 
following 3-5 hours.

Anyone up for it? QML'ers, c++ coders, people with graphics skills. People who 
just want to learn?  I guess we will just break the thing down into manageable 
pieces when people show up.

Hope to see some people there. 

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