[kde-community] Video Guidelines Meeting Results

Harold Schreckengost mewshi at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 03:29:24 UTC 2015

Hello again!

The meeting seemed to have been fairly successful, had a few people show up
to help us move forward with making consistent, quality videos!

The general notes from the meeting are as follows:
* We will be providing templates for potential video creators
* We will need to get with the VDG to iron out some ideas for the intro and
outro segments of the video templates
* We will need to get a few guides together for potential creators, so that
they can use screen recording and editing in a consistent, efficient manner
* We need to make contact with the translation team to help iron out the
process for doing video translation (even if we only translate for
* We need to investigate YouTube's options, as well as possible
alternatives and additions to its use

* We will be having at least one more meeting in the near future

The complete notes, as well as the log of the meeting, can be found at:

Thanks again to everyone who came, and if anyone wishes to help with the
above points, you are, as always, more than welcome :)

Harold S.
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