[kde-community] Video Guidelines Meeting

Harold Schreckengost mewshi at gmail.com
Sun May 31 04:59:01 BST 2015

Hello again!

After inviting people mark their availability for the meeting, it's set for
Saturday, June 6, at 10PM CET, as that was the most popular slot by a wide

As far as a format, I'm leaning toward IRC, using #kde-promo.  If anyone
has any objections or concerns, or a better suggestion, please let me know!

I'm hoping to get the guidelines mostly in place, with only a bit of
polishing and formatting needed to get them ready.

We'll be discussing (in no particular order):

   - Presentation Requirements (such as aesthetics and editing)
   - Technical Requirements
   - Community Requirements (such as translation or VDG)
   - List of Recurring Releases (such as releases, recurring community

As always, anyone and everyone with something to say is more than welcome
to participate in this meeting, so please spread this around to anyone you
know who may be interested or may be able to shed new light on this.

More information will be incoming in the next few days, but any further
questions or information are more than welcome in the meantime.


Harold S
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