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Aaron Seigo aseigo at mykolab.com
Tue Apr 21 08:53:41 UTC 2015


There are two different questions here.

Is a rewrite of this app the best possible path? Frankly, it is not. It seems that such concerns are not on the "priority list" these days, however, so I will entertain only the other part of this:

If this app is selected for inclusion, should it have a new name or recycle the old one? 

Related: does it make sense to ship and maintain multiple screenshot apps? I don't think so. So...

Iff KDE elects to ship ScreenGeenie, a decision that ought to be made with care, for the sake of users and general continuity,  the current ksnapshot codebase should imho be retired and the name reused for the new app.

On April 21, 2015 10:11:22 AM CEST, Boudhayan Gupta <me at baloneygeek.com> wrote:
>Hi Aaron,
>KScreenGenie actually works now, for daily use purposes (it probably
>has a few bugs, but I'm handling them as reports come in), so I
>thought I'd pop over to the KDE forums and make a request for a new
>icon so that I could complete the basics and try to get it into
>kdereview (I'm working on the docs myself). On the thread [1], people
>suggested that the new app should simply use the KSnapshot name.
>I discussed this over at IRC (#kde-devel), and they think that it were
>possible to simply use the KSnapshot name, it would be a pretty good
>Given that KScreenGenie is a new application, that it already has a
>repo on KDE git, is it actually possible and/or feasible for
>KScreenGenie to become KSnapshot 2.0 or something? If so, what would
>you say is the way forward?
>[1] https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=285&t=125972
>-- Boudhayan Gupta

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