[kde-community] Community Inputs on KScreenGenie

Boudhayan Gupta me at baloneygeek.com
Tue Apr 21 08:11:22 UTC 2015

Hi Aaron,

KScreenGenie actually works now, for daily use purposes (it probably
has a few bugs, but I'm handling them as reports come in), so I
thought I'd pop over to the KDE forums and make a request for a new
icon so that I could complete the basics and try to get it into
kdereview (I'm working on the docs myself). On the thread [1], people
suggested that the new app should simply use the KSnapshot name.

I discussed this over at IRC (#kde-devel), and they think that it were
possible to simply use the KSnapshot name, it would be a pretty good

Given that KScreenGenie is a new application, that it already has a
repo on KDE git, is it actually possible and/or feasible for
KScreenGenie to become KSnapshot 2.0 or something? If so, what would
you say is the way forward?

[1] https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=285&t=125972

-- Boudhayan Gupta

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