[kde-community] [kde-announce] KDE Applications 15.04 - New Features and New Applications

Jos Poortvliet jospoortvliet at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 09:02:49 UTC 2015

On Thursday 16 April 2015 00:47:17 Mario Fux wrote:
> Today KDE released KDE Applications 15.04, delivering new features and bug
> fixes to more than one hundred applications. More than 50 have been ported
> to KDE Frameworks 5 (KF5) in this release, bringing the total to 72.
> Kdenlive and KDE Telepathy are newly-included in this release of KDE
> Applications, both built on KF5.
> In the KDE Education module, Cantor added new features related to its
> Python support. Rocs was turned upside down, delivering a rewritten graph
> theory core and reworking many other things. KHangman was ported to QML
> and given a fresh coat of paint in the process. And KAnagram received a
> new 2-player mode and a more ergonomic core user interface.
> Futhermore, KDE today also released KDE Workspaces version 4.11.18 (note
> that the LTS support period for KDE Workspaces 4 is set to end this
> August) and KDE PIM Applications 4.14.7.
> See the full list of changes in KDE Applications 15.04:
> https://www.kde.org/announcements/fulllog_applications-15.04.0.php
> Find more details in the announcement on dot.kde.org:
> https://dot.kde.org/2015/04/15/kde-applications-1504-adds-kde-telepathy-cha
> t- and-kdenlive-video-editing

This is awesome. Combined with the soon-coming Plasma 5.3, there's real good 
stuff in K land.

Hugs to everybody who's been working on this !!!!

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