[kde-community] Some wise advice from a gentoo developer

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 08:01:32 UTC 2015

Hi folks, I saw this blog linked to in #gsoc today:

I hope you'll take a look and think about our approach not just to
GSoC students, but all folks who wander into our IRC channels and onto
our lists. I think our main website, KDE.org could be more welcoming
to possible contributors as well.

It is very important to support our present contributors, and one of
the best ways to do that is draw in new people to raise enthusiasm,
bring fresh ideas and viewpoints, and of course, more help. We need
more web developers, more documentors, more writers, more coders, more
maintainers, more sysadmins.

I know I keep harping about advertising for those people in the
Mission forum, but we've got to keep people around until they find
those ads/Missions. And of course people need to write the ads too.

Mail list admins, IRC channel operators, I especially ask that you
read Dberkholz's short post and take it to heart.

All the best,



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