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Tue Feb 3 15:45:51 UTC 2015

Another comment, I posted various photos to Google Plus and Facebook over
the weekend which I think is well worth doing so the outside world can see
we are active and loved.  I don't have access to the Twitter account but I
see Albert posted a few.  I think every event where KDE has a presence
needs at least 1 person with access to all the social media accounts to
post updates throughout the day.  I also think a hootsuite account would be
well worth getting as it saves having to post to three places at once, I
did try to set one up last akademy but it said the kde accounts were
already used by a hootsuite account which nobody knew anything about.


On 3 February 2015 at 16:24, Jonathan Riddell <jr at jriddell.org> wrote:

> KDE had a successful FOSDEM in 2015 with a staff, devroom talks and a
> party.
> I brought a monitor and david's wee computer which worked great as a demo
> setup, needs the monitor box kept with the padding.  Plasma 5 was the main
> topic of conversation and lots of people had good comments as users and
> users wanting to come and come back to us.  We also had a mobile phone to
> show off kde connect and gcompris plus a second laptop.
> The name badges and poster didn't arrive because Rick got called away but
> we made do with white stickers which were acceptable; and using the kde
> table cloth as a backdrop which worked great.
> ovidiou got some t-shirts printed in romania at €5 each.
> approx record of t-shirts sold:
>  S 7,
>  M 19
>  L 15
>  XL 7
>  2XL 0
>  9 others of different designs
> There were requests for womans fit t-shirts as well as children's
> t-shirts, which would be nice to have but economies of scale may not work.
> The t-shirt designs were both white and it was commented that other
> colours would have been better as white t-shirts tend to be worn under
> other stuff.
> We sold 4 knitted konqis and got lots of comments and twitter posts from
> these.
> We sold 14 USB keys with the K logo on them, these were popular (and would
> have been even cooler with a distro pre-loaded).
> We (KDE GB) spent £514.65 on t-shirts, collected last year's t-shirts and
> usb drives and knitted konqis, took in a few donations and and ended up
> with €1417.60 (+ €85 we found from last year).  I've given the money to
> Aleix to send to KDE e.V.
> We had leaflets for KF5 which were quite popular (people like to pick up
> something for free, hard to know if they then read it).
> We had a party on the Sautrday night in Le Paon in Grand Place which
> worked really well, we had most of the place for ourselves.  I spent €400
> on food for the kubuntu party and we spend €530 on refreshments of which I
> managed to collect €450 from people.
> Pau wasn't able to make it due to a newborn baby so I had to chair the
> devroom for a few hours on the Sunday with some helpers from Gnome and
> elsewhere.  The Gnome people who set it up in the morning didn't know they
> had to also set up the camera so I'm told there was some faff at the start
> of the Sunday.  There were only 2 talks related to KDE so more conjoling
> would have been good here, it was a shame not to have a Plasma 5 talk.
> Some of us had a Telegram group (like Whatsapp but free-er) which was
> useful to communicate.
> Thanks to all who helped on the stand or gave a talk.  See you next year.
> Jonathan
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