[kde-community] retiring unmaintained modules?

Rick Timmis rick.timmis at abazander.com
Sat Jan 10 22:37:30 UTC 2015


Text idea below

On Sat, 10 Jan 2015 23:13:20 +0100, Albert Astals Cid <aacid at kde.org>
> El Dissabte, 10 de gener de 2015, a les 22:56:06, Boudewijn Rempt va
> escriure:
>> On Sat, 10 Jan 2015, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
>> > Some of them like kword and koffice are already in unmaintained and
>> > closed
>> > for bugs, not much more we can do with them other than deleting them
>> > which i'm not sure it's a good idea.
>> Close the bugs as "unmaintained"? There's no reason to keep bugs open
>> dead projects.
> In an ideal world you'd have biliions of bug triagers that would go
> through 
> all the open bugs and move the ones that still exist to calligra for
> example 
> (meaning i think there's still some sense to keep them there)
>> > Others like kftpgrabber may be either suggested for new people to
>> > them and if not moved to unmaintained.
>> I don't believe in that -- asking for maintainers never works. It's
>> vanishingly rare that an unmaintained project gets a new lease of life,
>> and it never happens if there's no maintainer around anymore to answer
>> questions.
> I don't believe in things you belieave and vice-versa ;)
>> > I guess we should also be really careful, as you said some software
>> > "done" and the fact that it didn't get any development doesn't mean
>> > should be killed.
>> Of course. But kmail (not kmail2) is _dead_. It's bugs should be
>> It's silly to see it cluttering up bugzilla's weekly top-twenty stats.
> Same as before, ideally we'd have someone going over the bugs and
> what still happens and what still not and move over to kmail2.
> Now one way of doing this is crowdsourcing it to the reporters via a
> bug 
> closing email for every of the unmaintained bugs/apps. 
> In one hand it always pisses me a bit off when that happens (i.e. i
> reported a 
> bug and the only acknowledgement i get is years later saying that it was

> against an unmaintained version that i should re-check), in the other if

> someone is able to write a nice text it may not be so bad.

I like this idea... possible text

Hi, Thank you for you contribution towards improving the KDE software

Bug reports from active users, merit the highest level of software testing
your use cases are real world, and not prescriptive.

The lifecycle of individual applications varies as projects develop and
stabilise, are superceeded or 
simply become unmaintained. Active bug reporting, checking and triaging is
vital to an application project

In the case of your bug report { insert bug number, perhaps with link }
this project is no longer maintained
and there for we can not progress this bug further. We have now closed
this bug with status unmaintained.

Thanks again for your contribution and support

Best Wishes
The KDE Bug Tracking team

Just an initial idea, I hope it's helpful


> Anyway before someone does some mass closing of bugs I think we need to
> take 
> sysadmins adivce on how to do it, not sure we want to create a huge
> storm.
> Cheers,
>   Albert
>> boudewijn
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