[kde-community] KDE office (was: Your KDE highlight of 2014?)

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Thu Dec 25 00:15:25 GMT 2014

On Thu, Dec 25, 2014 at 12:52:41AM +0100, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Wednesday, December 24, 2014 08.17:58 Laszlo Papp wrote:
> > Let us get this off-topic out of the highlight thread...
> > 
> > > This gave me the idea, why not setup other KDE offices, by sharing space.
> > > I would be very interested in making that happen here in south west of UK
> > Well, living on the south east of England (London, Cambridge,
> > Brighton, etc), I am sceptical even here whether this would be
> > sustainable
> Sustainable or not, I would expect there to be concerns with people 
> independently setting up offices branded "KDE". Assuming KDE cares about its 
> brandname and reputation, it's a pretty risky precedent to start rolling.

Um, what? You don't want KDE to work on KDE project together and call
it KDE? I'm organising a KDE stall at FOSDEM with KDE people to
promote KDE, should I call that KDE?


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