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Carl Symons carlsymons at gmail.com
Wed Dec 24 16:34:52 GMT 2014

On 12/23/2014 11:39 AM, Rick Timmis wrote:
> On December 23, 2014 1:25:23 PM GMT, Lydia Pintscher <lydia at kde.org> wrote:


>> We've got t-shirts covered now it seems.
>> Can we get some of the little Konquis to sell? Anyone up for getting
>> manifesto cards printed? Anyone up for getting a few FLAs printed for
>> signing there?
> I have the task of getting stuff printed, but I have no clue whats got to go on what. What is an FLA? text for manifesto?
> Some pointers and I can take care of anything that is Ink to Paper
> Hth
> Rick

Hello Rick

I will send artwork directly to you. IIRC, this artwork was posted 
somewhere online, but I can't locate it ATM.

This bizcard brochure idea came from linuxfestnorthwest.org outreach. 
Used for the KDE presence at Qt Dev Days (QDD). Probably adapted for 
FOSDEM as Lydia indicates.

Works better than a folded 8.5x11" or A4 brochure for people to hang on to.

The Manifesto text has changed slightly since this was printed.

We also included a nifty QR code with the KDE logo in the middle for the 
back of the card. The QR had several links pertinent to QDD.


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