[kde-community] Your KDE highlight of 2014?

Jens Reuterberg jens at ohyran.se
Sun Dec 21 16:21:27 GMT 2014

Hi Lydia and everyone!

For me the best KDE moment this year was my first meeting with the KDE 
devs in january in Barcelona. It blew my mind (and I still think that 
for Promo material 2015 we should focus on the devs as people a lot 
more). I prepared for what I imagined was sitting in a corner doodling 
and a lot of people programming and doing C++ jokes or something.
Nothing could be further from the truth - inclusive, kind, never 
condescending and charming. So many ideas - so much stuff we have to do 
that will make KDE even more brilliant.

My second-but-close was Akademy. Meeting brilliant people, talking to 
the other people in VDG (which was scary and cool) like Andrew and 

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