[kde-community] Proposal One: KDE (Core) Apps and Suites

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Thu May 1 12:55:24 UTC 2014

El Dimecres, 30 d'abril de 2014, a les 21:36:14, Jaroslaw Staniek va escriure:
> [..]
> I'd like to say thank you to everyone that shares personal opinion. Here's
> mine.
> (While reading this please note that geek power users isn't a primary
> audience for apps I am contributing to)
> - 3 -
> At project management level please also note a word from a Calligra
> contributor. The project is so huge that there's even lack of manpower
> for maintaining change logs or feature guides. Even specification of
> essential file formats take thousands of pages combined. 400+ dialogs.
> 400 services/types/plugins. I don't think syncing with joint releases
> wouldn't add to the manpower. I would avoid anything that narrows
> contributor base and user base.
> Secondly, our choice of release schedule for Calligra is already
> result of a nontrivial compromise. It's complex even now while we do
> not have released our Frameworks to the public, something that in my
> opinion can be expected as our differentiator.

Do you believe that splitting Calligra into something like 10 different 
releases would actually help with the lack of manpower? 

I have the feeling that it would probably help "the big guys", but I don't 
think it'd have a global positive "value" for all the projects that compose 
Calligra at the moment.

But that is my "I have no clue about Calligra" opinion so I'd value yours :)


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