[kde-community] Request to join the Kde incubator for GCompris

Bruno Coudoin bruno.coudoin at gcompris.net
Thu Feb 13 21:40:17 UTC 2014

Le 13/02/2014 21:59, Jaroslaw Staniek a écrit :
> Another question arises from the GNU copyright assignment [1]. This is
> a precedence for me, correct me if I am wrong, but KDE has no code
> that's assigned to the (USA) FSF. For example I can imagine the above
> relicensing would require consent of FSF. It's unlike other KDE
> projects I know.

I confirm we never did copyright assignment with the FSF not with Gnome.

> This is like a hybrid, one leg in KDE, one leg in FSF so far and
> really, a distraction or me. If this is mostly work from scratch, I
> hope relicensing would be possible.

I have not thought it this way but this is a wise remark. Yes as a new 
project we could settle on GPL 2+.

We will have some trouble with the data. As I mentioned the idea is to 
reuse the data (dataset, graphics, voices) in GCompris and we have many 
that are also under GPL 3+.


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