[kde-community] QtCurve

Eike Hein hein at kde.org
Mon Jan 20 22:44:01 UTC 2014

On Monday 20 January 2014 17:13:47 Yichao Yu wrote:
> QtCurve (although being not very polished) is already stable and have
> made several releases that are packaged by a number of distributions.
> Is there anything I am missing here?

I think Kevin just wanted to point out there's an additional
wiki page we can link now :)

I think this thread and the steps that have been discussed
basically meet what's outlined there, so it's all good.

It comes down to the Manifesto and the kdereview-en-route-
to-Extragear thing, and since the former's already been
covered and QtCurve is a well-established codebase that's
working for real people for a long time already I don't
think there's likely to be significant problems.

BTW: Super-happy to hear about this, welcome!

> Yichao Yu


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