[kde-community] Plasmoids and Apps - was - Re: Applications in KDE Generation 5

Marco Martin notmart at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 20:36:50 UTC 2014

On Wednesday 15 January 2014 22:56:12 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> El Dimecres, 15 de gener de 2014, a les 21:47:17, John Layt va escriure:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > * Do we need small utilities like KCalc as stand-alone apps, or do
> > they belong in Workspaces, perhaps as Plasmoids?  Where do we draw the
> > line between them?  And if there's both a Plasmoid and an App for
> > something, which goes in the main release?
> Please don't force plasmoids down my throat. Why would i want a calculator

I did read this thread only now, and this sentence saddened me quite a lot.
seriously, I can it only as in "your work is not welcome here". 
And yes, I know perfectly it was *not* intended like that, but still, I find 
this sentence very, very painful to read.
Please, pay attention to things like that :/

> as a plasmoid instead of an application? So that i need to minimize all my
> other apps to see the desktop to see it instead of just alt-tabbing?

as was noted elsewhere there is the dashboard, plasma-windowed, and where and 
how they appear is really just an implementation detail.

now i didn't push plasma-windowed that much on plasma-desktop (in plasma 
active the rss reader and the app to configure alarms are just plasmoids) 
since on plasma1 was not possible to make them looking well integrated in the 
desktop, theme and behavior wise.

Marco Martin

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