[kde-community] KDE Essential Applications - was - Re: Applications in KDE Generation 5

Adriaan de Groot groot at kde.org
Wed Jan 15 22:46:29 UTC 2014

On Wednesday 15 January 2014 23:13:11 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> Besides how would you define this "KDE Essential Applications" group? I mean
> a  tarball? An XML file somewhere? Personally I find distros should be
> smart enough to decide which apps they want to ship by default and which
> not.

It's still nice to have some kind of grouping defined by the KDE release; the 
reason for that being that it's much easier to say "install kdegames" than 
"install khangman and kgoldrunner and ktiktaktoe and ksnap and ltskat and ..." 
and if "kdegames" -- or "kdeessentials" -- refers to the same name across 
distro's, that's good for migrating users. You really don't want a (non-smart) 
distro saying "Oh, we didn't think kmix was essential" .

If there's a list of "these 38 repositories / tarballs are the essentials this 
time around" then that at least is a strong indication that that's what 
upstream (i.e. us as KDE) wants.


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