[kde-community] The Future of Speech Recognition in KDE: Proposal

Peter Grasch peter at grasch.net
Fri Sep 6 07:21:07 UTC 2013

On 09/06/2013 04:17 PM, Ben Cooksley wrote:
> I feel like there have been a lot of positive responses so far,
> and I'd now like to move this to the "execution" stage :)
> Sadly, I haven't found any documentation about the procedure of 
> requesting a new extragear category. Is an online membership vote
> required or should I just open a sysadmin ticket? (all other steps
> from my proposal have a clear procedure)
>> Any developer can request a repository to be created by filing a 
>> sysadmin ticket.
No, I obviously know about that. But I'm not talking about just a
repository but a category. In other words: A "sub project" here:

This has different implications (e.g. for branding) than just creating
a new repository, so I'm not sure about the procedure.

>> You might need to wait for a little bit though, as nobody can log
>> into the ticket system as Identity is down.
Yeah, had already noticed that :)

Best regards,

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