[kde-community] The Future of Speech Recognition in KDE: Proposal

Eike Hein hein at kde.org
Sat Aug 31 14:09:37 UTC 2013

Sounds like a nice proposal to me. Branching out into further forms
of voice input would seem to be a natural evolution of the Simon
effort we're already happy to have in KDE, and speech recognition
specifically sounds like a good complement to what he community is

I also have no qualms about a new top-level category in Extragear
if it makes it easier for you to become organized and makes it
easier for you to engage people and tell them you're from KDE's
Speech Group. You've certainly shown the long-term dedication to
your projects that gives me the confidence it wouldn't be a spon-
taneous willy-nilly expansion that would lack maintainership.

As for the tech bits, the Manifesto deliberately avoids defining
KDE projects via technological specifics like "uses our libraries",
we've had discussions about further programming language diversity
being desirable in the past, and e.g. sysadmin already hosts several
Rails apps on git.kde.org. Plus I'm confident you won't be neglec-
ting support for the KDE workspaces anyway, and being a KDE Pro-
ject obviously makes it easier for the community at large to help
support that, which is desirable due to speech recognition being
a good fit there.

On the whole, +1 from me personally.


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