[kde-community] Code of Conduct violations

Thomas Zander zander at kde.org
Wed Aug 28 08:58:30 UTC 2013

On Wednesday 28 August 2013 06.35.36 Valorie Zimmerman wrote:
> The CWG was asked to take a look at this banning, because 1. an analysis
> of this user's posts did not appear to violate the CoC, and 2. there
> was no response to the ban from the banned user.
> http://kde.6490.n7.nabble.com/Draft-message-to-Community-ML-comments-

Reading this thread, I'm not sure what to think. A very extensive vetting 
was made by an unbiased 3rd party and it looked to various people that he 
was just in need of guidance. Then he is banned.

Doesn't seem logical to me, it certainly doesn't seem fair to ban someone, 
which in essence is to tell someone after many hours of work that its so 
bad, he should leave.
My guess why he hasn't replied is that he left.

We could all go on with our lives and think that its Ok, he was asked to 
explain himself, and he didn't.  But from my point of view its not him that 
has to explain himself.
Thomas Zander

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