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Gustav González xtingray at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 14:34:46 UTC 2013

2013/6/23 Adrián Chaves Fernández <adriyetichaves at gmail.com>

> **
> You just need to get every contributor so far to agree with the change.

I would like to share with you a little story of the project, so you can
help me to confirm
whether I'm right or wrong of my thougths:

- KTooN is the father of Tupi or if you wish, Tupi is a fork of KTooN. I
was part of the
first project from the very beginning as technical* *consultant for
free *(*2001/2002).

>From the first line of code, my co-leader (Monica Ortiz) was agree of using
the GPL v2 for
the project and it went like this until 2007.

During all that time, every developer of the project worked on it just for
the money and all of
them did it supporting the GPL v2 license just as a directive of Monica. As
soon as our budget
was spent, they left the project. The last two developers kept working on
some of the code to
use it for their college degree, but as soon as they got their degree, they
abandoned the project
and none of them care of it right now.

At 2010 I got back to the KTooN team, to rescue the project after (more or
less) two years of
inactivity. In that point, I was the only developer of KTooN and the first
one without wage.

Looking for more people interested in the project, I decided to change the
license from v2 to
v3. When I asked to some of the developers about this idea, they didn't say
anything about it
and it has a lot of sense when you don't care of something.

Some months later, I got a strong disagreement with Monica, an as result
and understanding
that KTooN is a brand (with copyright) of the Monica's company, I decided
to create a new
fork of the project; that's when Tupi was born.

Since that time until today, the only active developer of the project was
me. So, understanding
that the other contributors always worked on the code using the GPL v2
license and that they
don't care of KTooN right now, and lesser of Tupi, has any sense to ask
them for this new change?

I mean, imagine this question: "Hey! remember when you were working for
Monica and all you did
was GPLv2 (for KTooN)? Well, now I'm going to change the license of Tupi
back from v3 to v2, as
it was when you were working on the project. What do you think?"

As far, as I can get it, the new change of the license is only of my
concern. Am I wrong?

Thank you for your feed back and sorry for the long/boring tale ;)

  Gustav Gonzalez
  xtingray at gmail.com
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