[kde-community] Tupi: Open 2D Magic

Andreas Cord-Landwehr cordlandwehr at kde.org
Sun Jun 23 12:12:53 UTC 2013

On Sunday 23 June 2013 14:03:46 Adrián Chaves Fernández 
> By the way, is there any known explanation why a KDE project 
cannot use only
> a GPL license higher than 3? Why is GPLv2 mandatory?

AFAIK this shall allow contributors to work at the KDE codebase 
without much thinking about license problems. For example, 
mixing (or even linking) GPL v2-only with GPL v3-only code 
guides to an application that you cannot legally distribute.
Hence, having all code compatible with GPL v2 provides a 
common compatibility level for all our 

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