/usr/local/include in _KDE4_PLATFORM_INCLUDES on FreeBSD?

Raphael Kubo da Costa rakuco at freebsd.org
Sat Feb 18 19:34:21 UTC 2012

Alexander Neundorf <neundorf at kde.org> writes:

> On Friday 17 February 2012, Raphael Kubo da Costa wrote:
>> Alexander Neundorf <neundorf at kde.org> writes:
>> > Is this still the case with cmake 2.8.7, i.e. do
>> > CMAKE_[C|CXX]_IMPLICIT_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES still not contain all those
>> > directories ?
>> >
>> > Please have a look at this.
>> > If they should, we should try to get this into CMake ASAP.
>> Hi there,
>> Looking at CMake's UnixPaths.cmake in master I still only see
>> /usr/include being added to CMAKE_[C|CXX]_IMPLICIT_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES
>> (there's also the issue of /usr/local/lib not being in
>> bitten by this).
>> I could send a patch to CMake to add /usr/local/include to
>> Modules/Platform/FreeBSD.cmake), but even then, one should at least in
>> theory be able to use a different prefix when installing the ports
>> (packages) on FreeBSD, so a dynamic solution like the one we have is the
>> one which fits best, I think. Another solution I can think of is trying
>> to upstream the linked commit.
> Yes, I think that's probably the best idea.
> Best place is the cmake-developers mailing list.

I was thinking about it again, and am now unsure about upstreaming the
current solution: it might solve most of the problems, as 99% of the
users install their ports to the default location (/usr/local), but if,
say, X11 and Soprano are installed into /opt/custom-prefix, the original
problem will show up again. The same would also happen on Linux, it just
happens that packages are installed into /usr most of the time.

I'm now thinking of simply removing this commit and relying on people
not having a local and a global installation of Soprano (or of
$SOFTWARE, for that matter), or adding /usr/local/include to
IMPLICIT_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES in FreeBSD.cmake. Neither solution looks
very good, though.


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